Eberlestock Terminator – Is it Still Worth Buying?

Eberlestock Terminator - Is it Still Worth Buying?

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Is the Eberlestock Terminator Pack still worth buying today even after so many excellent military/tactical packs have come to the market? This is a followup review of my thoughts concerning this pack in what I am sure is to be controversial to some.

Is it still worth buying? Find out what I think now!

Detail Overview Video : https://youtu.be/oYVYmfWy-ZM

Overnight Adventure with this Pack : https://youtu.be/mc2AKHy2MtI

Link : http://www.eberlestock.com/store/terminator-pack
Price : $386.10 plus $extra for an A4SS Weapon Carrier
Colors : Coyote Brown, Dry Earth, Military Green, Multicam which costs $45 extra

NSN# 8465-01-600-5068 assigned December 6, 2011 and the issued packs were olive green in color from what I was able to learn.

Total Volume: 4,100 c.i. (67 Liters)
Weight: 8 lbs 10 oz
Dimensions main bag: 23″h x 12″w x 10″d
Materials : 1000D and 500D Nylon combo. YKK Zippers

Pros :
Tons of Room
Can be comfortable even with a heavy weight but the pack isn’t perfect in this regards and I will talk more about that in a moment.
Excellent quality.
Can Carry a TON of WEIGHT and does so well.
Durability is excellent as this pack has taken a beating over the years and continues one like it was new.
Adjustable which means that it can be tailored for shorter and taller individuals.
Ability to carry a scabbard when you need to.
Removable buttpack is great.

Cons :
Not Waterproof so you will need to plan ahead if rain is a possibility.
Large and Very Heavy. For only a 67L pack, it’s huge!
Complicated – LOTS of POCKETS
Sleeping bag compartment is a bit small which is surprising for how large this pack is. If you want to carry the modular sleep system for an example, it will have to be carried on the outside as it will not fit.

Because of the design of the pack and the back-panel, it has a tendency to sway side to side and that brings down the comfort rating in my opinion. While it is still comfortable the pack never really feels like it is a part of you which is truly very important….or it is for me at least. When I throw a pack on my back, I want it to become a turtle shell, not something that can move independently with the shifting of the weight. There are packs that allow for movement like the Bora from Arc’teryx that that level of movement is different than this as the Terminator feels uncontrolled where as the Bora is the opposite; very controlled.

I know that this pack is used in military circles and I know many who personally make it work for them. From a civilian/tactical standpoint, I have tested and used so many packs over the years that I can easily tell you that this isn’t my favorite and it wouldn’t be my first choice when it comes to a tactical pack. There is too much going on with this pack and it feels like no idea was turned down. In a way that is a good thing as it is feature rich but you are have to pay for those features and you have to carry them even if you aren’t going to use them.

As with all products, they are not made for everyone so my question for you all is this, is the Terminator pack made for you?

Buying Tip : Want to save some money on one of these packs, look on eBay as it is common to find these for sale for less than $250 very often.


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