Eight Key Woodsman Skills With ALONE Winner Jim Baird

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Eight Key Woodsman Skills With ALONE Winner Jim Baird: In the same year I went into the woods of Vancouver Island to survive for ALONE season 4, I spent two weeks canoeing and wild camping on Northern Saskatchewan’s remote Porcupine River, starting from the Northwest Territories border. On the journey, I filmed several of the outdoors skills I used along the way and I share them in this video. To watch the full documentary film from this trip, click the link here: https://youtu.be/wRxl-IlqJuE

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0:00 Overview
0:26 Three Way Swivel Rig for Summer Lake Trout Fishing
2:04 How-To Light a One Match Campfire Fire in a Rainstorm
4:02 How-To Smoke Northern Pike Fish at Camp
6:01 How-To Roast Wild Duck Over the Fire, the Cree Way.
7:54 How-To Rig a Tarp With No Trees
9:47 How-To Treat Deep Cuts First-Aid
11:32 Canoeing Strokes For Whitewater
13:32 How-To Cook Trout Fillets Over the Fire in a Fish Basket Grill