Emergency Fire lighting Method For Wilderness Survival

Learn how you can still make a fire if your matches ar running out or the lighter fluid or butane is almost gone from your lighter and you have no other way of lighting a fire. Using the “flint and steel” method of fire lighting, charring local found natural materials and using locally found rocks in place of “flint”, a fire can be made for the person with the know how. Learn how to char naturally found local materials without a tin. Learn how to then light that char using locally found rocks that will give off adequate sparks to ignite the charred material.

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Hello my name is Lonnie and My wife is Connie.

Here at Far North Bushcraft And Survival you will learn about many long forgotten tricks and tips of the old time woodsmen. Not only will you learn about bushcraft / woodcraft but you will learn many things that will help you to survive in less than ideal “survival” situations as well. Come along and sit with me by the campfire as I delve into these subjects in a way that you can easily learn to then do yourself.

I will show you how to make shelters, gather food, use wild medicines as well as start fires with or without matches, lighters, ferro rods, etc

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