Emergency Survival at Sea

The tragic news of firefighters lost at Sea off the coast of Florida has sparked a lot of conversation about surviving on the sea. I recently spoke with First Coast News on this topic, and wanted to provide more detail regarding open sea survival for anyone who might be venturing out on a fishing trip, for recreation, or even as part of their work.

My name is Joel Graves, and I am the co-founder and lead instructor at American Survival Co. – Jacksonville. Prior to survival instruction I served our country as Naval Special Warfare EOD completing 355 missions with Seal Team 2 and 4. I’ve spent a lot of time on boats, often in very austere conditions.

In this video I share tips on how to survive on the open water, including some helpful technology information like how to correctly use your radio to signal for help, location tracking devices, space blankets that can be used for shelter and signaling, handline fishing, pole spears, and preparing food with a solar oven.

American Survival Co. offers Bushcraft Skills & Survival Skills courses in Florida, Arkansas, Maine, Georgia and traveling around the globe to provide private training and corporate events.

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