First Hot Sauna in the Forest | Off Grid Log Cabin Life

First Hot Sauna in the Forest | Off Grid Log Cabin Life

Now that the off grid, wood fired sauna in the forest is relatively airtight and the roof is insulated with moss, it gets up to 80 degrees Celsius (176F) quickly and without too much wood, higher if I crank the wood stove and give the cedar logs of the log cabin walls time to heat up. It’s time to finish the interior now, so I smoked the deer hide that was hanging on the wood shed to dry it back out and I hung it on the wall of the change room area of the bathhouse. I will be adding a sink, bench and firewood store in here as well.
With summer winding down, I have a lot to do around the wilderness homestead but the weather and scenery is just to perfect to keep working. I am taking more time this fall to go for long hikes in the forest, exploring waterfalls, fishing, hunting and practicing archery. This is why I embarked on this life simplification and off grid, wilderness lifestyle to begin with and I need to start enjoying my freedom more.
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