FlyWire Aircraft Land and Water Survival Kits for Pilots

FlyWire takes in in depth review of Personal Survival Kits for Land and Water survival. If you end up in inhospitable terrain its always good to have a few things with you to help you survive and signal for help. What do you carry?

FlyWire is about exploring flight and the freedom this incredible experience brings us on a personal level. Flying has always captured the imagination and excitement of living life to its fullest. Hi, I’m Scott Perdue. In a former life I flew the F-4 and F-15E, more recently I retired from a major airline. I’ve written for several aviation magazines over the years, was a consultant for RAND, the USAF, Navy, NASA as well as few others, wrote a military thriller- ‘Pale Moon Rising’ (still on Kindle). But mostly I like flying, or teaching flying. Some of the most fun I had was with Tom Gresham on a TV show called ‘Wings to Adventure”. We flew lots of different airplanes all over the country. Now with FlyWire I want to showcase the fun in flying, share the joy and freedom of flight and explore the world with you. Make sure you subscribe if you want to go along for the ride!

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