Game Changing Transformation @ Off Grid Log Cabin, Pond, Fishing, Cast Iron Cooking

Game Changing Transformation @ Off Grid Log Cabin, Pond, Fishing, Cast Iron Cooking

My off grid log cabin homestead evolved dramatically this week, a game changer in how I use the wilderness property. A major departure for me, I have help clearing the forest and make a decision that really changes the look of the homestead.
I start by catching fish for dinner from my canoe and I make a fish chowder with bass and vegetables and herbs from my organic garden in the forest. I cook it on my homemade rocket stove in my outdoor forest kitchen, preparing it while I cook pancakes on a cast iron skillet and make chaga tea over the fire.
After spending a few days with my neighbor clearing land for my greenhouse and timber frame workshop, I decide to dig a pond in the forest for swimming, skating, drawing water from for my vegetable crops, for drinking, cooking and cleaning. After the pond is dug down to bedrock, it’s starts filling up with rainwater and I plant grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables around the perimeter to attract wildlife and for future food harvest.
I level the rocks near the edge of the pond to prepare for the foundation of the root cellar, timber frame and log cabin workshop and explain how it will be situated in proximity to the greenhouse.
At the end of the video, heat drives my Cali, my golden retriever, and me out of the forest and into the lake for a refreshing swim.

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