Georgia Woodsman Basic Skills Twig Fire

This is for the Georgia Woodsman Basic Skills Challange.
Fire Section- Campfire Selection and Twig Fires
This is how I Select a Spot for a Campfire so it will be safe to burn, and this is how i make my twig fire to boil water, If you are doing this challenge show us how you would do it. If your not on out Face Book Group check us out at Georgia woodsman on Face Book.
Here is the Skill,
1… Show how to properly clear a Campfire area and show the Area your using,
TWIG FIRE-Gather Twigs for fire making material and lay out your fuel and Natural tender by size pencil lead size, pencil size, and thumb size, Ignite with a Ferro Rod and Boil 1 Quart of water, this will also count as one of your water purification methods. Show how long it takes you to Boil your Water.