Get This Before its Illegal: Survival Tools

Get This Before its Illegal: Survival Tools

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I just installed this MOLLE organizer in my truck and I love it! Gear list below. I installed this molle panel on my 2019 tundra and it provides a rigid panel to mount different pieces of gear. All of your gear visual and accessible when seconds matter most. Items not shown in this video are numerous and will go into depth about my towing and recovery gear in the future! Using links below help support the channel as a small commission is earned, it costs you no more than normal! Thanks for your support!

MOLLE Panels

Quickfist mounts (small)

Quickfist mounts (medium)

Quickfist mounts (large)

Quik kit mounting system

Stanley fatmax

Katan650 saw (manual chainsaw!)
Katanaboy 650mm Saw

Hultafors Wetterhall
Hultafors Wetterhall Competitive Throwing Axe

Baofeng Radios

Fire extinguishers


HIghlift jack

Air compressor

CANADIAN PREPPERS STORE / Premium Survival/ Emergency Equipment