Girl Stranded on a Deserted Island!

There I was, stranded on a tiny little deserted island in the archipelago of Vava’u – Tonga. However, I did do it to myself. I wanted to see what it would be like to be completely alone. I can’t remember ever being completely alone for longer than a day. EVER! That’s scary. And so were the wasps. Enjoy and tune in Monday for more sailing adventures in the beautiful sunny Pacific Ocean. Xox Elayna.

Song Credits:
00:08 Deeds – Thomas A Major
00:57 From the Outside – CircleLight
01:36 Sense of Unrest – CircleLight
03:47 The Lunatic – Dead Leaves
04:44 Sail Away – Colby Gray
07:15 Alone – Dead Leaves
10:40 Floors – Saving Change
11:45 In the End – Saving Change
13:35 Finally – Vilar
14:53 Dobrato Rubato on Mellow Street – Porch Guitar

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