Half a Roof, Wood Stove Installation | Building an Off Grid Log Cabin Alone in the Wilderness, Ep21

Half a Roof, Wood Stove Installation | Building an Off Grid Log Cabin Alone in the Wilderness, Ep21

This week, I finish boarding the west side of the log cabin roof and waterproof it with ice and water shield. With half of the cabin protected from weather, I hook up the wood stove so I can start cooking inside as the weather cools and I bring in a small antique writing desk where I can edit my videos. Immediately, the cabin starts feeling like home, with a place to sit, look out of the windows and doors at the falling rain and listen to the birds, frogs, wind in the trees. The deep overhang on the front porch of the cabin is ideal at this time of year, protecting me from the rain but high enough to let the sun shine in, which will be much appreciated during the fall, winter and spring when the sun is low in the sky and the south facing wall of the cabin absorbs the heat. Cool mornings and warm days at this time of year means foggy mornings over the lakes, rivers and ponds and the moose are in the ponds eating the last of the succulent water plants before transitioning to a diet of woody browse as summer ends and the rut begins in September.
With fall approaching, I spend more time shooting my bow and arrows at targets and splitting firewood for heat and cooking. Cali, my golden retriever, will appreciate the cooler days as summer winds down and is already becoming more active as the heat subsides.
I’m now working on completing the east side of the roof, which should take two days, and then I can focus on closing in the gable ends, including insulation, and insulating and boarding the breezeway walls and ceiling. The following week, I will install temporary doors and permanent windows, just in time for autumn.
00:00 Intro
01:37 Roofing the breezeway
08:07 Boarding the log cabin roof
04:37 Moose cow and calf
11:31 Waterproofing the roof
13:16 Cast iron cooking sausage and chicken of the woods mushroom
22:30 Installing the woodstove
27:22 Moving in the antique desk
30:59 Archery practice
33:41 Nature drone over misty ponds and forest

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