Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Today is the day, the big 5-0
Feeling blessed, don’t you know
I’ve been around, seen a lot of sights
But I’m still standing, I’m feeling all right

50 years young, don’t you see
I’m just getting started, wait and see
Life is a journey, gotta enjoy the ride
Gonna keep living with my head held high

I’ve got a fire in my soul, and it’s burning bright, And I’m gonna keep pushing with all my might. I’ve got a heart of gold, and it’s shining bright, And I’m gonna keep living with all my light.

I’m not too old; no need to hold
Gotta keep moving, gotta stay bold
Master Wong, I’m out; with a shout
Gonna keep living. No time to pout

So here’s a big thanks to you out there
For making my birthday beyond compare
I’m feeling blessed, and I don’t have a care
I’m gonna keep living with love and flair.

Have a beautiful day!
Master Wong Out!!