HELP! I’m Stranded at SEA! | “OceanBlock” Modpack by FTB [Ep.1]

Welcome to a new let’s play on the channel, this is OceanBlock by FTB(Feed The Beast)

This is a Java edition modpack that isn’t currently out for public download yet, I’ve been super lucky that I’ve been given early access to play it & give it a good test run before it officially releases.

Before you ask… when does this modpack officially come out?
It’s “Coming soon”, there isn’t a date yet I’m afraid, but I imagine it won’t be too long(I’ll keep you updated)

OceanBlock is a modpack that has been inspired by the Skyblock genre, but more of the StoneBlock/Sky Factory styled packs as for tech, magic, quests, fun & most of all… survival with limited resources.

This pack has MANY new mods added & created just for this pack, others that you might have used before.
As it stands this pack has over 200 mods in it so it’s FULL of content!
Please note, anything that I have recorded shown might potentially not be in the finished pack, so please bear that in mind as this is still in development.

Episode #1;

I introduce the pack, get things started on my selected island, grow crops, chop down trees, do most of the starter quests, obtain a trinket… collect some hats… see plenty of water!
I’m really enjoying this pack so far, it feels fresh, unique & very well thought out, can’t wait to hit record again quite frankly!
Thanks very much for watching,
Let me know if you’re as hyped as I am for this modpack!

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