Help us spread joy and love to orphaned children this Christmas

Help us spread joy and love  to orphaned children this Christmas

“Master Wong and Dynamic Ish Prodigy Project” GoFundMe DONATE CLICK HERE:
was born when two masters of their art with similar backgrounds came together to try and help people struggling with problems that they faced in their childhood. They both suffered from a lack of confidence, deprivation, and endured severe punishment at the hands of bullies. In view of this, and with their current status as confidence builders and motivational role models, it only felt natural to combine forces to combat what is still a significant cause for concern in our society today.

The “Master Wong and Dynamic Ish Prodigy Project” is a manifestation of strength brought to life by the “Power Pack,” a group of 12 special kids (Anti-bully Ambassadors) from humble backgrounds who were selected for both their individuality and similarities. The four criteria for which they were chosen are as follows;

They all had experienced some form of bullying.
They all possess exceptional talent in their chosen combat sport.
They must have excellent manners and always be well behaved.
They must all perform with meritorious excellence at school.

Our mission
To spread awareness about bullying, to set a good example to other children by making them understand the virtues of hard work, the joys of friendships and the value of kindness.

Our Motto;
Train hard, live clean, fight smart, and DON’T let anyone take your lunch money.

It is these desirable qualities within our dream team that we feel compelled to role model to our broader community; this Christmas, we will be championing kindness during the season of goodwill.

As the time fast approaches when we shall all be enjoying the warmth and love of our families, we are turning our thoughts to those less fortunate, and we are asking for you to support our charitable cause and help us to spread the Spirit of Christmas.

We are raising money to help children without the support of a family. We will be going to local foster homes to give Christmas presents to children in a bid to bring a bit of happiness into their lives during this season of giving. A small contribution from you would go a long way towards getting toys, books, and clothes which our anti-bully Ambassadors will be personally distributing along with some seasonal cheer in the run-up to Christmas.

With your help, we are hoping to raise £1,500, with which to acquire these items.

Every penny counts towards reaching our target, so please spare a little change no matter how small or generous.
Here you will find the link to make your most kind and appreciated donation.

We want to THANK YOU for taking the time to read our story, understand, and support our mission. We wish you and your families the most joyous of Christmas celebrations and a fantastic New Year!