Hidden survival kit

Survival kits are popular, but I see to often that they are not adapted to the person or to the right environment. Sometimes they are so big that it will be unpractical to carry.

In this video I show how I tuck away a few essential items to be sure they will always be with me. Its not complete in any situation, but these parts are universal for almost any environment.

A propper survival kit is a collection of tools and gear you will need in a unplanned and unwanted situation where you have to survive until rescued or get out of the situation by yourself.

Typically, it will consist of things that are hard or impossible to recreate or find in the environment it is meant for. And it is something that you should carry on your body.

There are many pre-made kits on the market. They are rearly good enough to cover all aspects, and often the content is of poor quality and not very useful.

Clothing in this video is bought from www.mergerra.com

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