High Power SHTF Walkie-Talkie – HYS 25 Watt UHF HT – The Ultimate Survival Radio – UHF, GMRS, HAM

This HYS 25 watt high-powered UHF (GMRS / ham) walkie-talkie is the highest power HT I have found yet. This is a UHF “LMR” / commercial hand-held radio that can transmit on UHF, GMRS and (some) ham frequencies – IMHO, the ability to transmit on ham (70cm) and GMRS makes this HT the ultimate high-power survival and SHTF communications radio. I show you the issues this radio has, I test the power output, and I test the transmitting range to see how far it can transmit.
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— You can get the programming cable here:
—- Link to the programming cable i use:
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How To Get A GMRS License – Easy Guide To GMRS Licensing On The FCC Website

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Camera: https://amzn.to/3vP0zk0
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