How do you defend yourself from a machete attack?

How do you defend yourself from a machete attack?

How do you defend yourself from a machete attack?
The Mook Yan Jong form is performed against a "wooden dummy", a thick wooden post with three arms and a leg mounted on a slightly springy frame representing a stationary human opponent. For a FREE Programme, Click Here:

We use the “wooden dummy” a thick wooden post representing a stationary human opponent with three arms and a leg to perform the Mook Yan Jong.

✅ Making use of the wooden dummy is utilized for times when a physical training partner isn’t available to help you practice.

✅ Using the wooden dummy can provide insight into maintaining the proper distance from your target when striking and blocking.

✅ Remember when training with the wooden dummy, the intent is not to just touch the dummy in the right area but to visualize the attack at an actual person, striking and hitting accordingly.

✅ Some practitioners pad the wood at the striking points until their bone structure has maintained the proper conditioning level. This is one of the more comfortable ways to begin conditioning.

✅ Otherwise, striking the wooden dummy without padding is one of the most common ways to harden the body parts used to block and strike. This is accomplished by practicing the techniques on the wooden dummy repeatedly.

✅ Repetitively impact damaging these nerve endings eventually numbs them to the point that over time pain is no longer felt. This allows you to hurt your opponent with your blocking as a simultaneous strike.

What you’ll learn
Training your natural reaction Time
Conditioning your body into a weapon
Positioning the body correctly
Common attacks and how to defend
Controlling your attacker
Understanding your power
Instinctive responses


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