How to Build a Log Cabin | Purlins and Roof| Lake Trout Stew | Cast Iron Cooking

How to Build a Log Cabin | Purlins and Roof| Lake Trout Stew | Cast Iron Cooking

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Lifting the 17′ log purlins into place alone proves to be difficult but manageable. I notch the gable ends to fit the purlin logs into place and then nail on full dimension 2’x4’x10′ rough cut boards that I’ll cut down to about 8′ once they’re all in place. Rather than cut down 70 saplings for rafters or ripping my stock of logs into lumber, I go into town to the mill to pick up cheap pine boards that I haul back to the cabin with the snowmobile.
For dinner, I cook up a large lake trout that I caught earlier in the week, frying it along with vegetables the first night and then making a spicy stew with the leftovers. Breakfast is the usual high calorie winter meal – bacon, avocado, cheese and eggs, quail eggs on the first morning and organic chicken eggs the following morning. Lunch is off camera, venison jerky like usual.
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