How To Survive on a Deserted Island! *Smart Gadgets and Hacks for Camping*

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What if you were left alone on a deserted island? 🏝 That was exactly the situation that this poor girl found herself in — dumped on an uninhabited desert island with only some leftover tools she found in a suitcase 🧰️, and the rest is up to her creativity! How would she use these tools to help her survive out there? Watch and find out how!🔥

0:24 How to use it in a more ancient way / Smartphone
0:51 Remove any needles on your skin / Syringe
1:06 Cheap DIY jacket / Plastic wrap
2:04 Make your own toilet! / Basket & Pool Noodle
2:39 Sleep comfy, even outdoors / Sleeping bag
3:16 When you really need to wash something ASAP / Portable washing bag
4:06 Emergency outdoor shower! / Pop tube
4:47 Water filter with cloth / T-shirt
5:14 Easy disposable cup / Duct tape
5:44 Healthy hot chocolate in nature / Cocoa
6:21 No more icky wet socks! / Waterproof socks
7:00 Comfier than a tent / Inflatable pool & Hoop
7:50 Fun adventure in the wild / Skateboard

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