How to Survive When You See a Coyote

Coyotes – they’re wild animals that roam the grasslands and foothills of North America. But they’re becoming more and more frequent guests to suburbs and even cities. They don’t enjoy or seek the company of humans and they wouldn’t move closer to us by choice. However, now these canines aren’t as afraid of humans as they used to be and feel safe roaming around backyards, even with the homeowners nearby!

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How dangerous are coyotes? 0:23
How to protect your dog from coyotes:
– Don’t leave your dog unattended 1:38
– Plan your walking route wisely 2:29
– Be more careful at certain times of the day and year 2:50
– Don’t feed wildlife 3:34
– Keep your yard clean 4:01
– Set up a good fence 4:40
– Get some protective gear for your dog 5:07
What should you do if you see a coyote? 5:38
What should you do after an attack? 7:27

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– If you live in a high-risk area, always keep an eye on your pooch, even when it’s playing in your own backyard.
– Coyotes don’t like bright light, so walking on a well-lit street or path is a good idea. If that’s not an option, take a flashlight with you and create your own source of bright light.
– Baby coyotes are born in spring, so their parents get way more protective and, thus, dangerous from April to August.
– By nature, they like to get around during the day, but urban life has changed coyotes. They’ve adapted to sniff around when the sun’s not out in hopes of not getting spotted by humans.
– The main thing that brings coyotes to areas filled with humans is the search for food. So don’t be surprised by a visit if you leave something tasty out for them.
– A dirty grill that you forgot to clean after a delicious BBQ, fallen fruit you were too lazy to pick up, any kind of edible trash – all of those are natural attractants for coyotes.
– A fence that’s at least 8 feet tall made out of a material that’s hard to climb is a good precaution.
– These days, they make anti-coyote Kevlar jackets – yeah, the same material police vests are made from – for dogs.
– Avoid running by all means. It triggers their hunter instinct, so they’ll be more likely to chase after you.
– If you realize it’s too late to just walk away and the coyote is interested in either you or your dog, or both, you have to show it that you aren’t afraid of it at all.
– In case the coyote got into your backyard, use hoses, spray bottles with vinegar water (you can fill them in advance), or any other things that could scare away the predator.
– One important thing you should do after the predator’s gone is report the incident to your local authorities!
– You have to take your dog to the vet immediately for the wounds to be cleaned and treated. Even if it just looks like a minor scratch or bite, still take them in.

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