How to trap wild boar, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 49

How to trap wild boar, survive in tropical rainforest, episode 49
Tropical rainforest, one of the most brutal, dangerous and harsh places. Rain for a week, poisonous plants are everywhere, forest animals are many but it is almost impossible to see them because they are often the ones who go to dinner. Wild boars, they are probably the most crowded in nature because their natural enemies (tigers, leopards, pythons …) are almost extinct due to excessive hunting by humans. But it is not easy to catch them because they are very wary of the smell of other species. Local people all over the world have many different ways to catch but here they often dig a big hole right in their path, which leads them to the area with food or water. If someone likens knowledge like a lock of survival, patience is the key …
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