I Drink Wild Water!

I have been converted to drinking wild water.
Find a spring near you: https://findaspring.com/

Hello Dear Friends!
I see a lot of comments with either concern for me or assuming that I lack knowledge on harvesting wild water.
So to shed some light for you…
For some of you, this may be your first time hearing the term “wild water” I first heard it from Natalie Bogwalker, the founder of Wild Abundance in North Carolina. I was very drawn to it.
However, I have been drinking wild water since I was born 36 years ago.
I grew up with an incredible artesian well on the shores of Lake Superior, where thousands of us harvest our pure water as it gushes out from deep in the earth ready to drink.
I know our society has been disconnected from our sources of life including our food and water, so it is understandable that so many would assume my practice is dangerous. Very few of us really even know where our water comes from or the processes it takes to clean it before it comes out of our tap or after it goes down our drain.
So I will share some…
These wild waters I am drinking from in this video are all from springs.
Springs are sources of water that have bubbled up through the earth, after having been fully purified by Earth as has been done for millions of years. There are no viruses, parasites (including giardia), bacteria, liver flukes or anything of that sort in a quality spring or well. Some springs can be harmed by humanities ways and so some diligence is needed, which diligence I have.
I am drinking from quality springs and wells at the source or within sight of the source where I can be certain the water is still pure. The clip of me drinking straight from the creek, is just 15 feet from the source, still pure and safe.
I know how to source quality water and am connected to Earth and not careless. I come from Lake Superior, where pure water flows through my veins.
When water needs to be purified, I purify it. When it is already pure, I’m going to drink it straight from Earth. I have purified my water from hundreds of bodies of water around what we call the United States and around the world from clear cold rivers to mucky swamps to ponds and more… I carry a portable filter with me and at home I have a more substantial filter called a Berkey filter.
Contrary to many people’s belief, there is still a lot of pure water in the world and there is still clean rainwater to be drunk as well.
I could share a lot more but I think I’ve stated enough clearly for those who would like to understand my actions.
PS. As far as the sign at this spring. That sign was there purely for liability in a State Park. It is indeed safe, pure spring water.

Filmed by Daniel Troia
Edited by Belle Brown