I Made A Big Mistake…

I Made A Big Mistake...

I made a significant mistake in my last video and need to take responsibility for it.

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The Ultimate Guide to Canning Safety

"I’ve been seeing a lot of concern regarding botulism here recently… Lots of mis-information, general fear mongering, and citation without source. This all leads to an unwarranted innate fear that I feel is driving folks away from canning and trying things because of the unknown…

I’m going to try to dispel some of the more common misconceptions (with citation) that have had folks up in arms lately.

First off botulism IS NOT as big of a problem as most folks make it out to be! This is a two fold effect of "modern canning guidelines" and proper cooking of major sources of contamination rendering toxins & spores neutral. Simply put, you take even a known contaminated jar of food and boil the contents for a minimum of 5 min at a full boil (CDC recommends 10) and it will be rendered safe to eat.

On average there is a median of 23 cases of foodborne botulism poisoning per year (1990-2000 cdc reports) of these reported cases only 22% were the result of home canned vegetables. (read the cdc report below and do your own math 😉 ) What this means is that 5.6 people a year are affected by home canned foods, while the average mortality rate is now at 2% since the early 1990s, mainly because of the development of artificial respirators. (citation CDC & wikipedia (wiki says 8%)) All in all this means that one person dies from foodborne botulism every 10 years due to home canned foods. Without "modern medicine" this number would still only be 3.36 people per year. (60% mortality untreated)

Botulisim makes headline news due to the fact that when botulism hits, it almost always hits several people at the same time due to human nature of consuming food in a social setting. In most every case this is the result of improper cooking methods that would have prevented the problem totally.

This highest risk group for foodborne botulism is infants under the age of 6 months with the most common catalyst being raw honey. This does not affect children over 1 year of age as it has something to due with the spores building in the undeveloped (low acid) digestive tract of infants.

What I’m trying to get across is that home canning of foods is not overly dangerous (you have a better chance of winning that lottery than getting sick) or outa scope for anyone that can cook without making others ill. Follow the longest processing times as outlined for the ingredients you use and you are going to end up with a safe end product. if you are in any doubt what so ever boil the product for 10 min before consuming. You are less likely to contract botulism poisoning from canned foods than you are raw salsa out of your garden stored in plastic containers in the fridge… Enjoy life, try something new, and can what you like to eat!"

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