I Moved Channels a While Ago………..

I Moved Channels a While Ago...........

Hey everyone, hope all is well.
I often receive and still get lots of messages asking if I am still around making videos, or do I plan on coming back to MCQBushcraft. I thought I would post this TRAILER for my 2nd Channel as it may reach a few people with the same questions.
I do still film weekly videos on another channel (not Bushcraft though so you know!)


I mentioned in the past on this channel that I intended on stopping filming of my Bushcraft camps because its something that has always been very special to me and still is. I don’t get to do it as much as I use to so when I do, its without a camera and often with like minded people. MCQBushcraft was also hacked some time ago and its reach censored due to its hunting and field dressing content which is another reason I stopped filming.

My second channel documents my overland adventures as well as the hands on side of building and maintaining the vehicle. It wont be for everyone and its not for children given the inappropriate jokes and my humour which I never showed on MCQBushcraft due to the larger percentage of viewers being under 15.

Anyway If you do stop by be sure to say hello and be respectful.
All is well with me and the family and life is good by the way, hope everyone out there is well.