I’m restarting my plant collection! New plant room tour; less than 50 plants 🌿✨

I’ve propagated almost all my plants in the last couple of months and I’m completely restarting my plant growth from scratch, whether that be my plants on the wall or my plants in general. The best part about growing plants in my opinion is actually watching them grow so I am indeed beyond excited to start a new journey within this plant hobby! I know some of your are going to be devastated about the wall plants and all the props, part of me is too but its almost light getting a haircut! I FEEL FRESH AND EXCITED AGAIN. I can’t wait to see the images in my head come to life over the next few months and I hope I´m able to watch a few of my plants really grow this year! 2021 is the year of maturing our plants, am I right? LOL. I’ve left a lot of space for myself and my plants to really grow into my plant room this time around rather than filling it with anything and everything. Thank you for joining me on this journey, I hope you enjoy my extra long for no reason tour 🙂❤️🌿

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