Insulating My Hardy Tropical Bed Ready For Winter

In this video I insulate my hardy tropical bed ready for winter. Although my banana plants and Gingers can survive light frosts they cannot survive the hard freezes in my part of the world, so to ensure their survival each winter I mulch their roots and insulate their stems.
I have the following plants in this bed:
Musa basjoo, Musa sikkimensis, Musa ‘Daj Giant’, Musa ‘Helen’s Hybrid’, Hedychium wardii, Hedychium ‘Telstar 4’ Hedychium gardnerianum, Begonia grandis, Paulownia, Zantedeschia ‘Hercules’ and Cannas.

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Frost damage
04:18 How I’ll protect them
08:08 Clearing this years vegetation
10:03 Banana insulation towers
14:13 Protecting the Bananas
17:02 Insulating bananas with vegetation
19:19 Conclusion

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