Jungle Kit – Watch this video if you’re heading to the Trees!

An explanation of the considerations when preparing your kit for use in the jungle, based on my experience gained in jungles all over the world, from Southeast Asia, to Central America to Africa. The jungle is a harsh, unforgiving environment and your kit needs to be specifically tailored to the challenges you will face.

I explain what clothing to wear, kit carriage, water considerations, medical and general care, shelter and general tools.

I completed the British Army Jungle Warfare Instructor Course (JWIC) in 1997 and have used this kit in three Continents, including Brunei, the Philippines, Belize and Kenya.

00:00 Intro
01:02 Considerations
03:25 Categories
04:00 Clothing
08:51 Kit Carriage
12:00 Water
14:30 Medical and Care
19:24 Shelter
22:45 General Tools
25:55 Conclusion