Knife Defense against the Grab and Pump

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One of the most dangerous attacks in the street is the grab and pump knife attack. This type of attack is extremely dangerous because the assailant grabs your shirt with one hand and his stabbing you with other hand.

It’s an extremely difficult position to be in and it can be very challenging to defend against, if you’ve never practiced the defense before.

There is a key element to this type of knife defense. The most important thing to do is to advance forward all while striking your assailant. It’s much more effective than stepping backwards and try to block the incoming stabs.

By advancing forward and striking your attacker to the face, you will destabilize him and hopefully make him stop his attack.

It’s important to remember to not stop striking your attacker until the threat has stopped. Strike until he’s dropped the knife.

We hope that you enjoyed this knife defense tip. It’s really a valuable self defense tip.

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