Knife Defense Parrying and Striking Drill

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Some instructors say that you should always parry and never trap a knife. Others say the complete opposite. Honestly, it depends on your situation, your attacker, and more specifically your surroundings. If you’re in an open space area, parrying becomes an option because you are able to move around to defend yourself. If you’re in a small space area, however, like a phone booth, trapping is your option.

In a knife fight, you want to avoid getting slashes, but be aware that you will still get slashed. The important thing is to get out alive with a minimal set of injuries. To develop your knife parrying skills, you need to practice. You may know the theory inside out, but you need to be able to physically practice to develop your skills.

While defending yourself from getting slashed by a knife, strike your opponent at any given opportunity. After striking once or twice, his motivation may change. He may not be as committed as before to come in at full speed and attack you. This gives you an advantage.

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