KNIFE DEFENSE – Social Experiment

Charles was one of our volunteers for this knife defense social experiment. Subscribe to my channel :

With him, we conducted a play-by-play on how you should react if ever someone came at you with a knife.

First of all, if your opponent approaches you closely, you might not be able to run away from him. Especially if he is carrying a knife, it is life threatening and could kill you in a close range. So, you might have no other choice but to defend yourself.

For instance, when an attacker comes near you with a knife intent on harming or killing you, your first reaction should be to put your hands up to protect your centerline. Your stance should be neutral, passive. You have to try your best to not panic and to not show your fear to your opponent.

If he begins approaching and tries to hurt you, you need to trap the knife that is in his hand. Once you trap the knife, you have to keep your hands on it while striking him back using your hands, elbows, or even your legs.

If you can’t trap the knife and he’s slashing at you, strike him back with some low line kicks while parrying the knife. Get him to move back, if you strike well enough he might even lose his balance and you will have the upper hand. Your objective should be to trap the knife as quickly as possible though, and cause enough damage that allows you to escape the situation.

Let’s say you have trapped the knife, and your opponent manages to switch the knife into his other hand. You must follow and be aware of the knife and where it is going, so you can trap it and then begin striking him.

Having said that, you need to be aware and focus on your attacker’s energy and movements, and where that knife is being aimed at so you don’t get badly hurt. Focus on trapping the knife, following its movements, and causing just enough damage that gives you time to get out and make it out alive.


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