Knife Sharpening Tips for Beginners | Diamond Stone ‘Break-In” / Shaving Sharp Knife: Tutorial 1

Knife Sharpening Tips for Beginners | Diamond Stone 'Break-In" / Shaving Sharp Knife: Tutorial 1

▶︎ Yes! You want a Shaving Sharp Knife but don’t know how – Well, here’s Step #1. Diamond whetstone sharpener "break-in" is your first step to efficiently sharpen a dull blade to razor sharp at home, in the shop or in the field. ▶︎ David takes you step by step through the diamond stone ‘break in" process, giving tips and tricks along the way, to make it ridiculously SIMPLE – even for beginners.

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David draws on his lifetime of experience as he dives in to the many facets of this series on knife sharpening tips for beginners. If you have ever had questions about knife sharpening – whether you’re a beginner or have done it a time or two before, stay tuned for more videos in this series!

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00:00 General Introduction
00:24 Sharpening Series Introduction
01:43 Supplies and Materials List
02:34 Step 1: Apply Lubricant
03:21 Step 2: Hone Sharpener Surface
04:17 Bonus Tip
04:55 Lesson 2 Pitch
05:08 How to Watch Entire Series Now…
05:26 Outro