Log Cabin Sauna Build, Ep. 13 | Finished Walls | Duck Confit, Cast Iron Cooking

Log Cabin Sauna Build, Ep. 13 | Finished Walls | Duck Confit, Cast Iron Cooking

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Back to working on the log cabin suana, I finish the walls and place the top logs with porch extension to carry the roof and porch overhang. The weather is finally perfect for working on the Finnish sauna /Russian banya style bathhouse so I should be able to make headway this week, framing in the roof with full length logs.
In the morning on the first day, I prepare duck confit, placing salted duck pieces in a cast iron pot and covering it completely with duck fat. It simmers on the wood stove with a medium fire for over ten hours until it’s fall of the bone tender. I eat the duck back for lunch, fried in the cast iron pan, and then for dinner, I remove the two legs from the confit pot and fry them in the cast iron skillet with zucchini, onions, mushrooms and garlic and eat it with fermented sauerkraut.
The following morning, I wake up to a lot of fresh snow, about 12 inches, thirty centimetres, over two days. I cook bacon and eggs for breakfast and then clean up and shovel the front deck before company arrives, which they do just before the video ends.

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