Log Finnish Sauna | Pemmican Recipe | Cabin Life | Canadian Wilderness

Log Finnish Sauna | Pemmican Recipe | Cabin Life | Canadian Wilderness

I continue building the Finnish style log sauna in the Canadian wilderness as the temperature plummets, thankful for the warmth of the wood stove in the cabin at night. The first day is silent with no wind, relatively mild temperatures just below freezing with ravens and chickadees circling my dog and I, looking for a free meal from the bones laying in the snow around the cabin. The following morning, a powerful wind develops, ushering in a deep freeze and a few more inches of snow on top of the 30 plus inches already on the ground. I cook walleye (pickerel) for dinner one night, a keto breakfast in the morning and braised beef shank, venison loin and ground deer meat for lunch and dinner the following day, all cooked on the woodstove inside the cabin.
I open subscriber mail and gifts in front of the snow while Cali, my Golden Retriever, watches, looking for her share. On the second day, I make chaga tea from chaga mushrooms harvested from the yellow birch trees on my land.
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