Mojave Desert Scout and Eat, Water Found

Scouting in this area, I came upon water while following a wash. Rather than continue on, I decided to hang out in this location for a bit. I ate simple, just a couple of cherry turnovers heated up in their pouches in a canteen cup of boiling water.

I also include some aerial footage of this part of the Mojave Desert utilizing a Mavic Pro drone.

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Sawyer Mini •
SCHF9 Knife •
Go Pouch •
Rush24 Pack •
Original Fold-A-Cup •
Sherpa Pad •
Canteen & Cup • (USGI surplus gear)
Vecto Container •
Breeze III Hiking Shoes •
Bushbox Stove •
3-Bottle Nalgene Pouch •

#desert #bushcraft #survival

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