My Wilderness Survival Kit & Camping Gear

A cheeky look at the gear that we carry with us into the wild. Fire Starters, Shelter, Water Purification, First Aid, Navigation, Rescue, Cooking, Food, and more!

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Links to Gear:

Onetigris Gear Pouch:
Suunto Button Compass:
Strap Bands:
Silva Expedition Compass:
Sawyer Mini Water Filter:
Stormproof Matches:
Ferrocerium Rod –
550 FireCord:
Nokia Phone:
Water Purification Tab: –
Signal Whistle: –
Alu capsule:
Klean Kanteen:
Toaks 450ml:
Wire Mesh:
DD Superlight Hammock:
DD Superlight Tarp:
Alu Tent pegs:
Bivvy Bag:
Duronic Radio:
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pouches:

If any item has not been listed here then that means it was purchased locally and/or has no link available. Sorry!


Outdoor Skills for Wild Camping & Wilderness Survival


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