NEW Olight Lantern and Flashlight Pen! Olight Sale October 2020

NEW Olight Lantern and Flashlight Pen! Olight Sale October 2020

Check out the new Olight Olantern and O’Pen 2 Cu flashlight/pen combo. Both are pretty cool and, like all Olight stuff, top quality. And, along with some other lights, are on sale for the October Flash Sale. * 10% off code for non-sale listings: survive10

Flash Sale Details:

Flash sale date: 8:00pm October 22nd -11:59pm October 23rd EDT, lasting 28 hours;

1.Olantern Basalt Grey, Wine Red or Moss Green, 30% off (MAP: $79.95; Sales price:$55.97)

Bundle: Olantern Basalt Grey, Wine Red or Moss Green+ i3T EOS(ODG), 40% off (MAP: $101.90; Sale s price:$61.14);

2.Warrior X Pro Red, Green or Blue(Limited Edition), 30% off (MAP: $129.95; Sales price:$90.97)

Bundle: Warrior X Pro Red, Green or Blue(Limited Edition)+ i5T EOS(ODG), 40% off (MAP: $162.90; Sale s price:$97.74)

Olantern(any color)+ Warrior X Pro(Blue), 40% off (MAP: $209.90; Sales price:$125.94)

3.Open 2CU(Limited Edition), 25% off (MAP: $64.95; Sales price:$48.71)

4.i5T Ti (Limited Edition), 25% off (MAP: $49.95; Sales price:$37.46)

5.MEGA PACK, 40% off

Mega Pack A: Olantern(Moss Green) + Warrior X Pro(Red)+ i5T Ti + O Pen 2 CU+i3T ODG, (MAP: $346.75; Sales price:$208.05);

Mega Pack B: Olantern(Wine Red) + Olantern(Basalt Grey) + Warrior X Pro (Blue) +i5T Ti + O Pen 2 CU, (MAP: $404.75; Sales price:$242.85)

6.Free Tiers:

Over $99 get a FREE I3E (MAP: $9.95)

Over $199 get a FREE M1T Plus DT (MAP: $59.95)

Over $359 get a FREE Warrior X (MAP: $129.95)

Note: Free tier gift can’t be stacked.

Free O-Refill set for customers who bought Open 2 before October 19, 2020, at 9 AM EDT. Shipping is free only for the first order.

Free O-Refill set for customers who ever bought Open 2. Free shipping for orders over $49.

O-Refill is available untill Dec.31st 2022

(II)The Features of main new lights for your reference:

1. The white light LED module and flaming LED module are replaceable for fun and versatile illumination.

2. Motion-sensitive battery indicator, fading on and off to help locate lantern in the darkness

3. Maximum 360 lumens output

4. Magnetic charging

5. Three colors available, basalt grey, moss green, and wine red

Warrior X Pro
1. Incredible 2,100-lumen output and 500-meter throw

2. With a sturdy heavy-duty build, enough to endure a harsh 3-meter drop test

3. Using a powerful customized 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery

4. Magnetic charging

5. Three Limited Edition colors for your choice, including Red, Green, and Blue.

Open 2 Cu
1. Unlimited access to Free O-Refill

2. Pen and Light 2-in-1

3. Upgraded L-type smooth bolt action

4. Limited Edition in Copper

5. Built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

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