Nick Drossos Self Defense Instructor Certification Course

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Nick Drossos – Empowering, Personal, Protection – Instructor Certification Course

Will be held on 14 & 15 June 2019 in Montreal, Canada by Nick Drossos himself. Everyone active in the field of martial arts and Personal Protection systems or those who are interested in doing so is entitled to participate. The subject of the course will be highly simplified, practical and easy to learn.

The goal is to create Nick Drossos E.P.P method trainers around the world and abroad who will be able to train anyone who wants to learn Personal Protection easily, quickly and practically.

Those who will be certified as trainers will be able to work privately or in schools and gyms and benefit from the worldwide reputation of the name Nick Drossos in the field of Personal Protection.


The instructor training course will include 3 levels:

Level 1 – Basic unarmed Personal Protection techniques
Level 2 – Dealing with armed opponents
Level 3 – Multiple attackers training

The training duration of each level will be 16 hours and will be completed during a weekend. From the next day of Level 1 certification, the instructor will be able to bring the Nick Drossos E.P.P and his name will be displayed through Nick Drossos Website.

Instructors are not required to continue to the next level.

Early Bird Before May 15th Cost/level: 897$+TX
Spaces are Limited to 12 Max.

Here’s the link to register to the event:

For more info:

Learn Self-Defense – Start here

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