Philosophy of the Altoid Tin – Survival Kit Case Hunting Woods Emergency

At some point in your life you will want to be prepared incase of an emergency. You may be going on a camping trip, you may be going hunting, you may be going fishing, or you may just want to have the tools available at all times incase something happens. What is more important than all the supplies and tools?? The ability to use those tools and the ability to stay calm during times of high stress. A key in any survival situation is the ability to make fire, the ability to make shelter, and the ability to find water. Within this video are the basic necessities to do a few things out in the wilderness. This is ongoing and will never stop getting better. I hope I have helped at least once person out there by putting this together. Thanks for checking it out. (keep in mind this is a subset of a subset of a subset of survival gear, not the only thing ever).

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