Pocket Knives / Blade HQ / Ai Survival / SMART Goals / Kickstarter Success Formula

Pocket Knives / Blade HQ / Ai Survival / SMART Goals / Kickstarter Success Formula

▶︎ Ben Petersen founder of KNAFS joins David to discuss: Pocket Knives / Blade HQ / CRKT / Building a Business / Ai Survival and How to Set Realistic Goals, Build a Business and Ben’s Preps and Prepper Score.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:22 Introducing Ben Petersen
00:01:27 Ben’s Backstory
00:02:48 The Beginning of KNAFS
00:04:50 Space Camp- Where the Space Kitties Came From
00:06:18 Ben’s Genius Business Model
00:07:48 Lander 2 Kickstarter/ Kickstarter Pro Tips
00:14:28 What Does KNAFS Mean?
00:15:26 Breaching Your Work Capacity
00:17:38 Learning to do the Most Important Thing First
00:21:15 Imbalance Managed- Juggling Work and Home Life
00:28:10 Recognizing and Prioritizing the Most Important Things
00:32:16 Learning to Say No
00:35:41 Crying Uncle
00:37:44 Identifying the Time Stealers
00:43:45 How A.I. is Progressing
00:56:54 Summer Vacations
01:03:32 Ben’s Preps and "Prepper Score"
01:06:51 Prepping Goals
01:09:17 Ben’s Book Recommendations
01:12:01 Where to Find Ben and KNAFS
01:12:48 Ending

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