Prepare For Food Shortages and SELF RELIANCE in 2024

Prepare For Food Shortages and SELF RELIANCE in 2024

Prepare For Food Shortages. Solar storms, Natural disaster or manmade disaster the preparations are the same. There’s talk of winter blackouts. There are 10 foods that almost never expire if stored properly. These include salt, sugar, honey, baking soda, vinegars, alcohol, tinctures, canned meats, powdered milk, oats, rice, beans, and canned fruits and vegetables. Become Independent By Stockpiling and Farming. Having a fully stocked pantry is like an insurance policy for hunger. There are many ways to do this. Slowly building and regularly rotating your stock is extremely important when it comes to your Prepper pantry. The Best Buy date doesn’t always mean that it’s expired food and spoiled food that’s not good to consume anymore. I sampled the applesauce that expired 2 1/2 years ago. It still tasted good. You do want to make sure there’s no dents and damage on your canned goods. I don’t like the long term storage of plastic. I recommend that you have a year’s worth of food per family member. Get high caloric nutritious foods! Not just empty calories.

Consider building a root cellar if you’re limited on space inside your home. I am considering doing so. It’s just another consumption of time and money that I haven’t focused on just yet. What value do you place on being able to produce you won food? A big portion of your own food can be produced by your own hands. Prepare for big changes in 2024. Will this be a necessity in the near future? Is it worth all the energy and effort? Do I need to do this now because something is going to happen? Enjoy being self reliant!

Getting out of the rat race and ditching the 9 to 5 can be intimidating for sure. It is not without its risks. However, the freedom and independence you gain will be well worth it. Gardening and raising livestock can help insure your freedom of food shortages happen. I am a lifestyle homesteader! Take a leap of faith.

0:15 Food Storage: Foods Available in case of manmade or natural disaster
1:00 Root Cellar
1:25 Problems with Food Storage
5:00 Sampling Expired Food


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