Prepper Food: Feed Yourself After Grid Down by Trying Something Different

Here’s the 30 Days to Preparedness collaboration playlist:
Here are the different prepping channels taking part of the collaboration, check them out:
9/1 – Suttons Daze
9/2 – Prepper Potpourri
9/3 – City Prepping
9/4 – The Urban Prepper
9/5 – Reality Survival
9/6 – Magic Prepper
9/7 – The Provident Prepper
9/8 – Rogue Preparedness
9/9 – Ethical Preparedness
9/10 – Southwest Prepper Group
9/11 – Practice Prepper
9/12 – Iridium 242
9/13 – Pinball Preparedness
9/14 – Rogue Preparedness
9/15 – Alaska Prepper
9/16 – Suttons Daze
9/17 – Prepper Potpourri
9/18 – City Prepping
9/19 – The Urban Prepper
9/20 – Reality Survival
9/21 – Magic Prepper
9/22 – The Provident Prepper
9/23 – Rogue Preparedness
9/24 – Ethical Preparedness
9/25 – Southwest Prepper Group
9/26 – Practice Prepper
9/27 – Iridium 242
9/28 – Pinball Preparedness
9/29 – Prepper Potpourri
9/30 – Suttons Daze

Get the same self-defense legal protection that cops get with Firearms Legal Protection: As a member, you can call their 24-hour hotline and speak to an attorney after defending yourself, they’ll have a bail bondsman standing by to bail you out of jail, and they’ll provide you with an attorney and expert witnesses to fight on your behalf in court.
They fight Red Flag laws too and pay you for confiscated guns.

*Special Notes:
I am NOT an attorney, so nothing in my videos should be misconstrued as legal advice. This content is not intended to provide any legal guidance or advice.
Also, the Use of Force and the Use of Deadly Force should always be a LAST RESORT and never just a convenient option. It is also YOUR responsibility to know your state’s laws on self-defense.
I am also an affiliate with several survival & self-defense related companies. Many links will be affiliate links.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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