PREVIEW: Fieldcraft Land Navigation Course Coming in 2021!

Fieldcraft Survival is building our new online Land Navigation course which will be available for our Premium Content Subscribers on Locals. Taught by former Green Beret Kevin Owens and survival expert Kevin Estela, they will cover everything you need to know from beginner to expert in Land Nav. This course will be a “follow-along” course meaning we will bring you along with us to give you an immersive experience and help you gain a deep understanding of maps, terrain, GPS, and all things navigation in the outdoors. We have included a link to the exact map we will be using so you can follow along every step of the way.

Hunters, hikers, mountain bikers, military, and everyone who enjoys the outdoors should understand this skill. We all love GPS and other electronic maps, but in the event that you are stuck in an area that you aren’t sure about and your batteries die or electronics fail, having a map and compass can help you get out of a potential worst-case scenario.

You can purchase the same map that we are using for this course here:

Protractor (1:24,000 scale)
Compass (We recommend the Suunto MC2)

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