Primitive Acorn Mush Breakfast in Desert

Acorns are an important food staple for primitive and native peoples and have been consumed for thousands of years. This highly nutritional food is a rich source of essential proteins, fats and carbohydrates and is easy to store or use as a travel food. Acorns are harvested from oak trees in the fall months and although they don’t grow in the desert I brought processed ground acorn meal with me on this short expedition into the Colorado Desert.

This video was recorded on the day before the winter solstice. The long cold nights make primitive camping more challenging however a good fire greatly improves the comfort level. I used my primitive clay cooking pot to transport the acorn meal in a woven cattail basket. Acorn meal keeps for a long time thus making it an ideal travel food. It can be prepared several ways such as adding water and cooking it like a soup, prepared like a pancake or biscuit, as well as mixed with other seeds, flours, fruit, or even meat.

See my detailed video showing how I harvest and prepare my acorn meal:

Turn on captions for descriptions of what I am doing in the video.

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Camera: Nikon D7200
Sound: Zoom H4N
Editing: Final Cut Pro X on MacBook Air
Location: California, USA

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Drums of the Deep by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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