Primitive Jungle Solo Survival Adventure

Tropical jungles are often portrayed as either being full of dangerous and venemous creatures seeking to devour humans or as a garden of Eden with trees full of tasty fruit waiting to be picked. Neither view is very accurate so in this video I show what I experience while doing primitive camping in a jungle in Chiapas, Mexico. It took me a full day of travel mostly on foot to get here and then I spent the next three nights sleeping on the ground on a sandy beach next to the river surviving on the little food I brought with me as well as foraging for plants. I built a simple shelter to protect me from the rain and collected water from a majestic waterfall not far from my camp. I spent the three days barefoot in a loincloth to have a more intimate experience with nature. I found the biggest danger to be falling rock from the tall canyon cliffs and other than bites from mosquitoes and biting midges I encountered no dangerous animals.

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Special thanks to David Escobar @davidescobar
for picking me up after hiking back into civilization.

Camera: Nikon D7200
Sound: Zoom H4N
Editing: Final Cut Pro X on MacBook Air
Location: Chiapas, Mexico

Music credits:

Drums of the Deep by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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