Psychoanalysis of the Survival & Bushcraft Phenomena: The hidden meaning behind what we do

Psychoanalysis of the Survival & Bushcraft Phenomena: The hidden meaning  behind what we do

What is Survival? What is Bushcraft? What are survival videos? What are bushcraft videos? what is bushcraft camping? What are we REALLY doing? Why are we doing this?

In this video I attempt to discover the deeper underlying story of the Survival and Bushcraft phenomena. It took me some time to formulate this and the answer I derived didn’t come automatically. I have been practicing survival skills and bushcraft skills for a long time, while filming survival videos and bushcraft videos for about half that time, without really understanding what I was actually doing. I think I address this to the best of my ability in a way most wouldn’t realize. There is something hidden here in survival videos, and bushcraft videos that doesn’t show itself very easy. Survival psychology is important, but this video goes more into the popularity of the genre than actual survival scenarios.

Enjoy, Dave


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