SAS Survival Guide The Reality of Survival Books

SAS Survival Guide The Reality of Survival Books.
Essentially books like the SAS Survival Guide, IMHO are only for a good read and nothing more. To truly learn about not becoming a liability in the wilds, one must obtain that information from experienced bushwalkers/hikers, cavers etc; some sort of club of responsible as apposed to a “redneck club” (there are plenty of them). I’m not saying one can not learn “survival stuff” from a book but BE WARY. It’s one thing building killer pig traps in your backyard/local forest to actually building one in some area where materials may be scarce and actually capturing something with it because u will starve if you don’t.

The SAS Survival Guide by John Wiseman, a Harper Collins Publication , a fun read but take it with a lot of grains of salt! (In other words take heed of the inset of the book’s warning from Harper Collins! ie this stuff contained within can be dangerous!)
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Note: The information in this video was taken from the 1999 edition.
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PS if you want to read something good about outdoors and medicine etc then this is a much better book;