Sauna Build Alone with My Dog in a Snowstorm | Bottling/Canning Meat over Fire

Sauna Build Alone with My Dog in a Snowstorm | Bottling/Canning Meat over Fire

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I continue with the sauna build, slowed down by a snowstorm one day and frigid temperatures the next, forcing me to pile the logs on top of the sauna walls and build a fire underneath to thaw them out. My dog, Cali the Golden Retriever, is at my side as always, relentlessly retrieving her training bumper until she falls asleep in front of the fire in the cabin.
Inside the log cabin, I bottle (can) meat in a pressure canner on top of the wood-stove. I fry trout in cast iron on the woodstove and for breakfast, I continue my temporary ketogenic diet with a substantial meal of eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese fried in butter. To keep warm during the day while working on the log sauna, I place a cast iron pan on the fire inside the sauna under the tarp and logs and I heat up some leftover beef ribs and lamb shank in tomato sauce.

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