Scouting a New Location For My Outpost Cabin

Scouting a New Location For My Outpost Cabin

Cali, my golden retriever, and I travel by snowmobile and by snowshoe to a new location to scout for game and a site for my outpost cabin in the Canadian wilderness. I explain why I need a remote hunt camp in addition to the land that the log cabin sites on and why there is more fish and game in the this forest. I start a campfire and reheat the beef shank and venison loin that I cooked on the wood stove a couple of nights before. My dog eats alongside me, finishing off the meat and fat left over from making bone broth. Around the fire, I talk about the titanium cookware that I’m using from Heavy Cover and I announce a giveaway that I’m doing – a Heavy Cover titanium canteen set, including a canteen with two lids, a cooking pot with lid and a spork (a spoon and fork combination tool). To qualify for the giveaway, please comment “Heavy Cover”, hit the thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. This is not something I’ve ever done, so please bear with me as I figure out how to give this lightweight cooking set away.
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