Self-Defense Instructor vs 2 Street Thugs knife defense



Have you ever thought of a scary attack happening to you? For example, you are walking down the street and suddenly realize that 2 guys are aggressively running towards you!

That’s indeed a scary situation to imagine. Now, envision living this situation in real life!

Many street attacks happen so fast that you don’t even have the time to prepare for it. Sometimes, the only time you’ve got is a few seconds to place yourself in fighting mode. You need to be able to react very quickly and use all your personal protection skills. This is why it’s so important to train and practice for self-defense. Learning how to defend yourself, will create a mental blueprint of what can be done during a dangerous altercation.

Facing multiple attackers is a scary thing on its own. But what about facing two attackers who bum rush you with a knife…Now that’s SCARY! You can forget about verbal defusing; forget about de-escalation or setting up your first strike…You don’t have time for this stuff when 2 dangerous attackers run towards you! You need to take position quickly, lift your hands up and use your strikes as you are moving around. Use your low line kicks and strike the head of your assailants with solid palm strikes. Fight with all you’ve got!

At, we have a special way of training for self-defense. We always try to test things out, to see what works and what doesn’t for different dangerous situations. Consequently, in this video we replicate a vicious attack by armed assailants.

As soon as the clip starts, you notice 2 dangerous attackers sprinting towards Nick to attack him viciously with a knife! Nick defends himself with all he’s got…He strikes like there is no tomorrow! He also uses one of his opponents as a shield, to prevent the second one from stabbing him.

As you can see, there is no time for fancy techniques, when it comes to defending yourself in a violent street attack.

What helped Nick in this dangerous attack is that he was aware of his surroundings. Those split seconds made it possible for him to swiftly prepare his stance before getting attacked by 2 street thugs!

This goes out to show how dangerous knife attacks can be.

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