SHIPPING CONTAINER HOUSE TOUR – Minimalist Living in the Tropics for more adventures in all areas of alternative living.

Tiny house living has gotten more and more popular recently as many are realizing the burden of their “stuff” and the multiple freedoms that come with owning a small home.

As guests in this cargo container house in Hawaii, I vlogged to document and share this footage in hope of inspiring other tiny house lovers.

Of course, all the details like costs, plans, zoning codes etc. are going to differ in each area. But, whether you want to go full-on jungle living with an off-the-grid set up, or create a modern oasis in a big European city – anywhere in the world, container homes can be customized to meet your needs! They’re pretty simple to construct around, relatively affordable, and the best part is that you are repurposing a piece of trash!

Natural materials have many uses, but when it comes to upkeep, a shipping container home might be the best option. Living in the tropics means facing mold, weather, pest & bug pressure, etc; all influences that can quickly wear on natural materials.

This container measures 20x8x8 feet with an attached kitchen area that measures 11x10x8 feet. The entire space includes a bedroom, office/desk space, kitchen/eating area, outdoor shower & outdoor toilet. (There is running water inside, but no bathroom inside the container.) We also have access to a community shower, bathroom, and washer/dryer. Water is catchment. Electricity is not solar.

Music – chris zabriskie

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